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Wednesday night 31st October was Halloween night and it is clear that many of the old traditions of Halloween still survive strongly in the locality with many children dressing up as witches, devils goblins and other scary creatures and travelling from house to house offering a "trick or treat" at every door.

The trick or treat brigade were out in large numbers in The Kilflynn area. Some were ferried about in cars, while others, came on shanks mare and carried huge black bags. A glance into one of the bags could reveal anything such as Sweets, Taytos, Apples, bracks. They were from house to house repeating their trick or treat manta and people responded by throwing in some goods, kept at the ready. This festival has it’s roots in paganism, Christianity, and many other traditions, and all have blended together to give us what we universally have today. Check out the photos on

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