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Transept Window of Kilflynn Church

The parish church In Kilflynn is a Traditional Church, this transept window was originally the back window of what was a smaller church. The fabric of the window was in very poor condition and it was decided to replace it with a stained glass piece as a part of the celebrations of 2000 years of Christianity. The sole instruction for this window from the client was that it should have local appeal. The Holy well - Tobair Flynn is a treasured part of local life with open air Mass and a river clean up celebrated every May and many cures attributed to it.
The legend of the hermit monk Flainn, after whom the village of Kilflynn is named provided a poignant and dramatic narrative to the window. Such a narrative is a difficult challenge in the size and shape of a Gothic window this one being particularly narrow and high.
The window depicts Flainn, a hermit monk C.600 who lived in a wattle hut by the river Shannow. After a lifetime dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the people of the area he became crippled and lost his sight, instead, he asked for the gift of healing to be put into the waters of the spring beside the river Shannow for the sake of others. This became Tobair Flainn. The river runs through the narrative on the glass and becomes the robes of Mary who is reaching her hand out to bless and support the kneeling monk, beside the pool of the spring. The window uses visual references from 2000 years of western Christian art.

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