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great pub!

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us Dr. J. M. Carmody-Trant.
28.01.2011 08:04am

Dear Proprietor,

Permit me to correct a misunderstanding and widely historic inaccurate fact on your web site, and the information from this source and individual (From Houses of Kerry by Valerie Barry)

I here by Quote “In 1863 the estate was purchased by Thomas Beale Browne who later sold it to the land commission. Crotta was still standing up to the 1970's but little remains now except some stone walls and part of the stable-yard.” (From Houses of Kerry by Valerie Barry.)”

If this is the best that she can offer as a Historical Fact she ought not to write out of same. History is about truth not fiction and definitely not about telling lies. A little local investigation in Crotta would have helped her to uncover her own untruth.

My grand father the late Jerry Carmody bought the estate of Crotta House from Lord Kitchners agents in Ireland. This was in early 1920’s. The House was knocked by the Carmody’s and my late great-uncle Terence Carmody was kill in the physical task of the great house being raised to the ground.

After Terence Carmody’s untimely demise his wife of some short time acquired her portion of the property which her relatives “The Galvin Family” inherited from Mrs. Sarah Carmody on her demise and still reside on today.

My grand father Mr. Jerry Carmody senior bequest of his land of the estate to his youngest son John Carmody who is still on and resides in his home at the site of Crotta Great House.

The Land commission had nothing legally ever to do with this property. As it is still in the hands of the Carmody’s or their airs since acquiring same from Lord Kitchners agents in Ireland in 1920’s.

Confirmation of this inaccuracy is very easy to establish, by asking my uncle John Carmody the facts.

May I say my Grand father Jerry Carmody, his brother Terence and my mother Mrs Joan Hannah Carmody-Trant, are turning in their graves thinking that Parkers Pub in Killflynn would know so little about The Carmody Family in Crotta and not proof read this inaccuracy before allowing it on their web site. I hope that the responsible proprietor of this hostelry will have the courage to apologize to my uncle John Carmody for this humiliating blunder. Please do try and source accurate and legally authentic information from historically sound researchers in the future.

May I say in conclusion such embarrassing occurrences are not a wise marketing tool in a small Village Pub in Ireland today. I look-forward to your considered reply. Yours sincerely Dr. J. M. Carmody-Trant. Dr. Min, Dr.Th, Dr.D., S.L.S.W. Consultant Psychotherapist. State Licensed Social Worker Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counsellor. New York City USA.

ie Parker's Pub
12.01.2011 04:59pm

A round of The V.F.I National Darts Competition in Conjunction with Irish National Darts Organisation will be held in Parker’s Pub, Kilflynn on Friday Night 14th January. Singles competition based on a round-robin competition consisting of 8 members per group. Each game will be the best of 3 by 701. First round heats starting at 8.30pm sharp. A doubles competition will also be played. There will be an entry fee for each participant of 5 Euro. The National Darts Competition Overall Prize Fund is 14,000 And The Winner plays in 2011 World masters. Hope to see all dart players good and otherwise Male and Female at Parker’s this Friday night. For further info: Contact Mike on 087 9794541.

gb Mary Ellen
15.10.2010 02:58pm

Great website! I would like to use, if you give permission, the photo of the hen party (I think the bride's name was Mary Goulding) for a post on hen parties at my website. May I use that photo, please?

us charles pierce
26.08.2010 11:43pm

I am the great-grandchild of Thomas and Ellen Pierce of Kilflynn, and the grandson of their son, Patrick. We are related by marriage to the Wynnes -- Hi, John! -- and family legend has it that a great-granduncle of mine named Ambrose once owned this pub but sold it for passage to the States.
Greetings to all my cousins!